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AliseA is a fantasy name, easy to remember and to pronounce. It evokes the breeze that blows on the top of our hill, cool in the summer and mild in wintertime... AliseA has some features that make it absolutely unique! The main feature characterising AliseA is the utilisation of bio-architecture and the close relationship existing with all the natural elements: geothermal heater and cooler; suites dug in the hill; the panoramic tower, built with the local stones of Langhe; in the heart of the house is the cellar. Discovered during a preliminary excavation, it's a pre-existing, natural cave in the soil, a perfect place to preserve cheese, anchovies, jam and wine. The panoramic tower, the garden and the park give guests the possibility to relax in the nature. Here guests can enojy facilities and services of an high-level hotel while being in a warm, familiar setting. By designing AliseA, Sandra and Matteo - the owners - wanted to offer their guests something pretty rare. They coniugated the ancient with the modern, the informality with the elegance, the proximity to the city with the calmness.
AliseA's: for a complete and unforgettable relax



Let AliseA’s wind take you toward a unique experience!

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